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I am an independent curator and art consultant/producer based in London, UK. During and since completing my History of Art BA (UCL) and History of Art (Modern and Contemporary Art) MA (University of York) I have been specialising in innovative and under-represented contemporary art, especially art that engages with technology, social/political issues, the moving image and sculpture, and emerging artists' practices.

Having operated in the art world since 2013, I have gained exhibition/event planning and delivery, artist management and arts administration experience in museum/gallery, public programme, art consultancy and independent curatorial project contexts. This includes Chinese Arts Now (London-based; UK/International), Mayor of London (London; online), Sculpture in the City (City of London), Nocturnal Creatures (City of London/Whitechapel), Culture Mile (City of London), ARTIQ (London-based; UK/International) and The Hepworth Wakefield (Yorkshire, England).


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Throughout my work, my core mission is to platform and support emerging artists/creatives, especially those who are under-represented in the arts and culture sector, and to make the arts more inclusive, diverse and sustainable.


In all my work, I want to make more art more accessible to a wider audience through breaking down barriers to access, namely issues relating to diversity, inclusion and accessibility. This is important to me professionally and personally, with my lived experiences of being a mixed-race, south-east London born and bred, state-school-educated woman informing the approach to my work.

Collaboration is central to how I work. I enjoy connecting and working closely with like-minded arts professionals, artists, cultural thinkers and creative individuals, as this is how truly dynamic and meaningful work can be created. 


Ultimately, the art and culture world should embrace and be experienced by all!

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