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Mayor of London x Google Arts and Culture

Curator, Community-Led Recovery Programme by Mayor of London - August 2021- April 2022


I have been creating a series of themed online exhibitions using the Google Arts and Culture platform to showcase the work of 35 community organisations based in London that have been supporting their communities during COVID-19. The Mayor of London has given these 35 organisations grants, as part of their Community-Led Recovery Programme, to help them provide creative insights into their work and to deliver the work itself. 


This has involved liaising and forming positive working relationships with diverse community organisations, facilitating accessible and collaborative co-curation workshops. I have also been conducting research for themes, exploring issues such as mental health and wellbeing, barriers within BAME communities, food insecurity and the need for upskilling opportunities. 


View 5 of the exhibits here:

  1. Londoners' Stories of Finding Connection During COVID-19

  2. Younger and Older Londoners’ Stories of COVID-19

  3. Londoners’ Stories of Community Life During COVID-19

  4. Londoners' Stories of School, Work and Life During COVID-19

  5. Londoners’ Stories of Health, Food and Wellbeing During COVID-19

A further 4 exhibits are due to be published in Spring/Summer 2022.  


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