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相/Phase Exhibition (2022)

Photos by Marso Riviére 

Curator, '相/Phase' Exhibition

Ugly Duck*, (Ground Floor), 47/49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL

Wed 3rd Aug, 12pm - Sun 7th Aug 2022, 3pm

View video of the exhibition here.

View a video of the artist and curator talk here.


An exhibition of an interactive, algorithmic installation by Seph Li, artist, curated by me.

相/Phase is an interactive, algorithmic artwork, exploring how the abstract, mathematical and basic rules of physics evolve into our infinitely varied, macro and observable/tangible world of organisms and things. 


Originally commissioned by Chinese Arts Now in 2020 as a digital artwork, 相/Phase will be presented as a sculptural, moving image installation for the work’s first physical exhibition. Visitors can experience 相/Phase physically in the space and use a bespoke device to influence its infinite outcomes. 

相/Phase is a visual manifestation of physicist Stephen Wolfram’s theory that the universe is comprised of “a set of simple rules, that with repetition and expansion, could contain infinite possibilities for creation” (Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics, 2020). This theory resonates with the principles of Daoist philosophy, known as Daosim or Taoism, founded in the late 4th century BCE in China. The core principle of Daoism is living in harmony with the ever-changing rhythms of life, with the word ‘Dao’ meaning “way or path”. Dao represents the pattern and substance of everything that exists, acting as the underlying natural order of the universe.


To express these enigmatic notions, Seph uses the aesthetics and fluidity of Chinese ink painting, translating this ancient medium into a contemporary digital form. As visitors use the small device to interact with the installation, a mesmerising cosmic experience unfolds within the painting in front of them.

Events/Live Programme


Private Tours, Wed 3rd Aug, 12pm - 6pm

Late Night Opening Event, Thurs 4th Aug, 6-9pm


Artist Talk with Seph & Katrina, Sun 7th Aug, 12pm - 1:30pm

*Ugly Duck is a London-based arts organisation that supports under-represented voices and emerging artists. Established in August 2012, their programme enables makers, community groups, professionals and the public to come together around unique cultural experiences and curated events.


They have converted a beautiful empty Victorian warehouse in SE1 into a busy creative space which became, and still is, the home to countless rising artists.


Recent events include Performance Space, Franko B (With A/Political), @Disturbance and Shocked Quartz

Originally commissioned by Chinese Arts Now and currently supported by Arts Council England and Chinese Arts Now. 


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